The Board

Name More Information
James Blair, Ph.D. President
Adele Forth, Ph.D. President-Elect
David Kosson, Ph.D. Past President
Luna Centifanti (formerly Luna Muñoz), Ph.D. Treasurer
Kasia Uzieblo, Ph.D. Secretary
Hedwig Eisenbarth, Ph.D. Chair Membership Committee
Kent Kiehl, Ph.D.
Eva Kimonis, Ph.D.
Raymond Knight, Ph.D.
Christopher Patrick, Ph.D.
Randy Salekin, Ph.D.
Martin Sellbom, Ph.D.
Essi Viding, Ph.D.
Michael Kruepke (Student Representative)
Stephen Benning, Ph.D. Historian


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The President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy is Dr. James Blair

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