Students' Section
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Welcome to the SSSP Student Section!

Below is a list of resources compiled by the SSSP student committee designed to aid fellow student researchers or future student researchers in the field of psychopathy.

Click on any topic in the drop-down Students' Section menu to read more.

If you would like to suggest other content for this student section or make a correction, please send all correspondence to the SSSP student representative, Mary Ritchie at


Follow SSSP students here:

@SSSPStudents on Twitter and SSSP Students on Facebook 

SSSP student committee members and how you can get in touch with them:

  • Mary Ritchie (; Student Representative 
  • Bryan Neo (; Incoming student representative
  • Kathryn Adams (; Communication coordinator
  • Virginia Lamoureux (; student coordinator of Manuscript of the Month
  • Emily Kemp (; Co-web coordinator
  • Toni Walker (; Co-web coordinator
  • Suhlim Hwang (; Research coordinator
  • Georgia Zacharaki (; Current student host
  • Emily Perkins (; Recording Officer 
  • Mary Baggio (; Past student host